New HuDost videos popping up!…. and FEB. Shows

Hello all and welcome to February 2011. We continue to apologize for lack of any consistent blog postings. Our days are spent with booking and preparing for this year’s shows; gear upgrades, new songs, new sounds….all kinds of next level stuff! As you see we have a couple of local regional shows coming up in February including the  Abode of the Message in New Lebanon NY with Linda Worster on Feb. 13, The Mission in Pittsfield MA with Robert Oakes and Kate Smith on Feb. 19th and a return to the ever groovy Langdon Street Cafe in Montpelier VT for a duo show with two full sets on Feb. 25.

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There are some brand new special video treats coming around the corner VERY soon but in the meantime, a couple of clips from shows over the past few years have recently popped up on YouTube. Here’s four of them below:

This one is from 10/12/2007 and is from our first appearance at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival (one of our all time favorites!) in Silk Hope NC. This lineup of the band included Moksha and Jemal Wade along with Dan Walters, John de Kadt and Jim Beckwith. HuDost returns to Shakori Hills for the Spring version this April 2011 with LOTS of other great bands including The Lee Boys!

This clip is from a February 2009 show with special guests Alex and Allyson Grey doing live projected painting while HuDost performed. We were also joined for this evening by Melina of the Daughters of Rhea. What a beautiful festive fun evening this was!

Clip No. 3 is from our May 2010 Full Moon appearance at the ‘Tribal Luau Festival’ at the Cock-n-Bull in Sarasota FL. The lineup consisted of Moksha and Jemal Wade along with Dan Walters (Bass), Stephanie Heidemann (Vocals), Julian Douglas (Percussion), Billy Dean (Drums) and Marguerite Barnett (Fire Dance).  Here we have a brief view into the Croatian piece ‘Cresnijica Je Obrodila’.

Clip No. 4 is from the same show and is a brief snippet of ‘Baboom!/Motherless Child’. Both of these clips are ‘teasers’ as this whole show was recorded with 4 cameras and the audio was multi-tracked. SO hopefully sometime in the next few months we’ll have a few songs from this show with varying angles along with a pristine audio mix by Mr. Oz Fritz.

As soon as the aforementioned NEW new videos are ready, we’ll surely post’em here! Much Love to all!!! We look forward to seeing you sooooon…..