Lovely Regional Weeks

As you may be able to tell, this blog here is slowly becoming our new NEWS page. All of our updates and musings will be posted here as often as humanly possible. We’re a little behind at the moment due…


FloydFest a.k.a. Yummy Piece of Music Cake

How many people are required as a minimum for the feeling of a family unit to commence? Three? Four? And, on the other end of the spectrum, what is the maximum capacity for the feeling of family to be retained?……


Ya Huuuuu-ing in the Mountains!

HuDost at Club Helsinki

Ahhhh…the Berkshires….where the sun ripples across the mountain range amidst ostentatious clumpings of clouds that unleash all that they have to offer in sudden spasms and then leave bearing mists of quiet. Yes, we are in…



A little over a year ago I went through brain surgery to have a tumor removed. The tumor was located in my language center, and after the surgery the retrieval of nouns was almost impossible for me. I went through…


Trapeze Review by David Malachowski

HuDost’s album ‘Trapeze’ a luxurious effort

By David Malachowski

Based in New Lebanon, this self-proclaimed “experimental, indy, world, rock group” is really a collective revolving around leaders vocalist Moksha Sommer and guitarist Jemal Wade Hines.

This luxurious album…


The backwoods of the backwoods

We are currently in the backwoods of Kentucky on our single day off as we roam through the whole southern quotient of the US. On Sunday night we performed at the Levitt Pavilion (a wonderful large outdoor performing arts venue)…


Tornado, Casino, TV and HuDost.

As we entered Arlington, TX on Thursday night, we became ensconced in a state of freakishly opened eyes and goose-bumped skin as we stared at the clouds that were overtaking the horizon. Never before had I seen such ominous clouds…


Is time linear?

What percentage of the population has thought with valid depth about the difference in hues of the same colour? What percentage has contemplated the varying tones within each note? How many have the ability to discern between wines of the…


Ode to Touring

Ah the sweet exhaustion of performing and schlepping gear and driving
infinite hours.
I wake, wishing each morning to again
But am roused by what it is to bring forward
Trails of sound
Murmuring and swelling and striding and…