Creative Vulnerability

As many of you know, we are a little over a week into our 61-day fundraising campaign for our new album. I’ve included more info about it below, but want to share a little bit from the personal front. 

Sometimes as an artist I feel fragmented and unclear on the direction that I am taking. We are not talking about overall life direction or ideals, but rather the step by step process. I can’t tell you how often I feel like I am processing too much information, have too many areas of inspiration and pull of attention, have confusion over my own identity as a mother, performer, creator, activist, and seeker. Such a huge part of life and of creating art and songs is trusting in the process of unknowing. It is so uncomfortable, vulnerable, and risky. The best music and art that I have ever made is when I take risks….because if the space of unknowing is given the heed it deserves and one surrenders to trust, there will be lots of blunders, but also moments of magic. In the creation of this album, we have pushed ourselves to take risks…as a result, there are lots of songs/blunders that will NOT be on the album…but what IS on the album is the evidence of several risks that resulted in magic. Pure magic. 

We are talking about taking risks without attachment. No preciousness allowed (not that it doesn’t come later). What it demands is openness and the willingness to release one’s own identity, claims, aims, daily details, and fears. Sounds familiar? That’s what I thought…this is not just the creative process…this is the life process. It is in the moments that we can return to un-presuming openness that our true selves make way for beauty. Some of my favorite people- you know, the ones that you love without fear but who still know how to roast you when you need it- are people who know this place; they are people who take risks by allowing themselves to step into the unknown. 

Through the process of this creation I have also taken a stance that is new for me…I have always been someone who pushes myself hard and wants an obvious goal. With this, instead of focusing totally on the goal, I have asked myself if I am taking joy in the process itself. As a result, I am loving the process. Ironically, the goal keeps becoming more clear and the bar is higher than ever. It is by stepping out of our own way that the road seems to open. 

Right now we are still in the final creation phase with the album. We are also heading out on tour. We are also doing this campaign… Talk about a juggling of identities! Doing this campaign to raise the funds for the album also feels like stepping into the vulnerable unknown. It is an ego shaking act of trust. A few years ago we went through this and were blown away by the kindness and support we were given. It was very humbling and empowering. We are in the same place now. We ask that you step into the unknown with us…we are asking you for an act of trust. We can’t wait to share the album with you and have you be part of the magic. 

As a reminder, this is a fundraising campaign for our long-awaited new album of all original material. This album is being mixed by multi-Grammy and CMA winner Vance Powell. He’s a top tier producer/mixer who’s worked with artists such as Jack White (White Stripes), Chris Stapleton, Pearl Jam, Willie Nelson, Buddy Guy, Beyonce, Beck, Alicia Keys, Melissa Etheridge, and a slew of others. And, to add to this excitement, Dan Haseltine from the Grammy winning band Jars of Clay has been on board to help with production!) All of the info is here: