New Album- ‘of Water + Mercy’- PledgeMusic Campaign

Twelve years ago we took a big leap and began touring and creating music as HuDost on a full time basis. At the time it felt like a wild and vulnerable thing to do. We have come a long way and have had an incredible journey, and every now and then it still feels just as brave and crazy as when we first started. Now is one of those times. We invite you to take this next step with us. 

We have just launched the fundraising campaign for our long-awaited new album of all original material. This album is being mixed by multi-Grammy and CMA winner Vance Powell. He’s a top tier producer/mixer who’s worked with artists such as Jack White (White Stripes), Chris Stapleton, Pearl Jam, Willie Nelson, Buddy Guy, Beyonce, Beck, Alicia Keys, Melissa Etheridge, Kings of Leon and a slew of others. And, to add to this excitement, Dan Haseltine from the Grammy winning band Jars of Clay has been on board to help with production! Not only that, in addition to some of our team of wonderful musicians, all of the band members of Jars of Clay are musically involved and we have written a very new song with Dan that will be on the album. The sound of the album already feels like a major stepping stone for us and we have pushed ourselves as songwriters, collaborators, and, well heck, LOVE-creators! 

Here is the link for the campaign: 

We are asking for your contribution to help make this record a reality! The funding will help in paying the musicians & engineers as well as mixing, mastering, artwork, printing CDs & Vinyl, video production for a few songs as well as marketing & PR! 

We ask you to be the underwriters for our future; allowing us to give this album everything it deserves and opening new opportunities for us as performers. 

We have super-fun pre-orders and exclusives and hope that you will check them out! 

We will be giving a portion of the total campaign proceeds to Blood:Water. This is a non-profit that was founded by Dan Haseltine and Jars of Clay. Blood:Water equips African Organizations as they work to address the water and HIV/AIDS crises in their communities. More information is available here: 

We are beyond excited about the songs, how they sound, and the musicians on board! The songs are about positive conscious action in the world, the brutal beauty of being human, being a family and the losses and triumphs that come with life. 

We feel a lot of love for this collection of tunes. It includes some of our long time favorite original HuDost songs that we have not yet released that many of you have been asking for for a long time and some very new songs you’ve never heard. 

Please watch the video for more info!