Anthems of Home


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This is the new album, 'Anthems of Home'. Released November 19th, 2021.

2020 and 2021 have been a time of conflict and resolution, pain and discovery, challenge and grace, fear and courage for almost everyone. It has been a time of loss and awakening. HuDost’s new album gives powerful voice to this journey in a way that will remain timeless and will prove the resilience that we all share. It also gives room for the greater vision of what is and what can be and the love that emerges when we allow truth to be seen and spoken.

HuDost’s new album, ‘Anthems of Home’, is a lush, breathtaking original collection of compositions that ask important questions and evoke the imagery of dreams. Some are nostalgic and some are emotionally risky. All are written to make us feel connected and inspired.

HuDost’s last album, ‘of Water + Mercy’, received rave reviews and, as an independent release, reached #24 in the BILLBOARD SALES CHARTS for Folk/Americana, also winning the Independent Music Award for Social Action Song. ‘Anthems of Home’ continues in this current of Folk/Americana with the added movement of ambient electro in some of the songs and unapologetic groove in others.

HuDost released ‘Our Words Will Be Louder’, the first track on the album, early as a means to encourage people to take positive action by voting in the last US election. Some of the cameos in it include Jars of Clay, Kevin Clash (Elmo- in this he is the puppet), Kevin Hearn (from the Barenaked Ladies), Cy Curning from The FIXX, GangstaGrass, Alana Bridgewater, Nawal, Hymn for Her, The Accidentals, Christie Lenee, Jai Uttal, and more. HuDost worked with minister/activist William J. Barber II and all proceeds from it went to the Poor People’s Campaign. Since 2015 HuDost have also been highly engaged activists, doing advocacy work as KY Congressional District Representatives for ONE (a non-profit organization working to end extreme poverty and, specifically, the sexism of poverty). This work is reflected in the songs in a way that is humble but investigative.

‘Anthems of Home’ was produced by HuDost & mixed by Oz Fritz (Tom Waits, Bill Laswell, Iggy Pop, Ramones) with 4 of the tracks co-produced by Matthew Odmark from Jars of Clay and recorded in their studio in Nashville TN.

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