HuDost is delighted to have endorsement deals with Gretsch Guitars, Mid- East Manufacturing, Reverend Guitars, Blue Mics, NORD, MXR, Pedal Train, Voodoo Lab, Ultimate Ears & Mackie! 

Check out their amazing instruments and gear!!

JW LOVES his Gretsch White Falcon & Rancher guitar. "Ever since first seeing Billy Duffy play one in 1985, I coveted having a White Falcon someday and now I do! It's a sonic feedback beast!"

"Who loves pedals? I do! You always know Dunlop MXR pedals are going to stand up through all kinds of touring abuse and still work and sound amazing! I use their awesome Volume pedal, mini Phaser, mini DynaComp, Custom Was, EQ & SubMachine Octave Fuzz pedal in my rig at the moment."-JW

"Blue Mics are totally awesome!", says Moksha. "I love the warmth and clarity of Blue Mics. We use Encore 200 & 300 for live use as well as the Stage Two Bottlerocket, Woodpecker, Reactor & Dragonfly for the studio. HuDost's '4th Way Folk' album was done entirely with Blue mics"

Moksha adores playing the Nord Stage 2 EX HP76!She says: "I have played keys for almost three decades but, despite trying several different keyboards, have always returned to acoustic instruments (specifically piano and harmonium) because I have felt like keyboards have been a replacement or compromise for the acoustic instruments. In the last few months I have had a number of opportunities to play the Nord Stage 2 EX HP76 and have desperately, hopelessly fallen in love. It has every feature that I desire on the technical front and also has the feel, subtlety, and malleability of a real instrument. It is electronics with soul. It is an engine with grease. "

JW is digging his new Reverend Guitars endorsement and will be bringing 3 new beauties on the road for the 2017 tour including the 20th Anniversary Double-Agent, a pretty gold SpaceHawk and the Airwave electric 12 string!

Mid-East Manufacturing imports incredible instruments from all over the world. Here is what Moksha says about her Harmonium: "My harmonium is refined and has remarkable resonance and depth. I lovingly think it produces a resonance that opens my own heart and the hearts of listeners." JW's dulcinet is from Mid-East as well as our frame drums!