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BIG NEWS!!! The new album 'Anthems of Home' made the Top 10 in the Folk Radio Chart for January 2022 compiled from all the FOLKDJ-L playlists at #9!! 

BIG NEWS!!! The new album 'Anthems of Home' made the Top 10 in the Folk Radio Chart for January 2022 compiled from all the FOLKDJ-L playlists at #9!! 

Not only that but “Our Words Will Be Louder” was in the Top 20 songs of the month at #13. AND....we were also voted #13 in the Top Artists category! THANK YOU ALL!! We could not do this without YOU!

Recent Press for HuDost's New Album! 

Pure Pop For Now People listed HuDost's 'Beat the Drum Louder' as one of the "Best Music Moments of 2021"!

- Jejune Magazine did a very in-depth interview that you can read HERE. 

- HuDost was interviewed on WKYT's Everyday Kentucky. You can watch the interview HERE

- Roots Music Canada gave the new album a wonderful review. You can read it HERE.

- HuDost did an interview with Meisterkhan for the #TooOpinionated Podcast. Watch HERE.

- HuDost did an in-depth interview with Authority Magazine. You can read it HERE.

- HuDost did a deep interview with Matt Kendziera and Spencer Burke. You can listen HERE

- DittyTV did a special feature on HuDost that was broadcasted twice!

- That Eric Alper did an awesome write-up and review of the Album. You can read it HERE

- The Gate Entertainment Magazine did great coverage HERE

- HuDost was interviewed on the Bringin' it Backwards Podcast!

- Record World International gave a fabulous review that said, "All the passion that drives HuDost, combined with their overt graciousness and appreciation of the artists who they have created memories and advocated with, soars to new heights with this — the creation of their newest album." You can read it HERE.

- Find Your Sounds did a great review!

- BK On the Scene did an excellent review!

- Excellent review from Canadian Beats!

- Lovely feature through Tinnitist!

- Great feature from Cashbox Canada Magazine! HuDost was also listed in their Top 50 Picks for 2021!

- Awesome Wild Goose interview with Marthame!

Recent Press covering HuDost’s new single/music video, ‘Beat the Drum Harder’ 

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Recent press covering HuDost's new single/music video, 'Our Words Will be Louder'