HuDost World

HuDost World is an interfaith music project that merges sacred chants and songs with vibrant exploratory beats. It is comprised of the husband and wife team; Moksha Sommer and Jemal Wade Hines. They have been fortunate to have incredible performance opportunities throughout the years, touring  internationally and their audience-participatory performances are “…enchanting, moving, wild, and inspiring while infused with totally Canadian humor!” 

“Teeming with rich, iridescent vocals layered over powerful electric guitar licks, driving percussion and the haunting church organ-esque tones of the harmonium accented by the shimmering strings of Shahi Baaja (Electric Indian Auto-Harp), Bazouki and Dulcinet, HuDost’s one-of-a-kind sound is built on the impeccable musicianship of life-partners Jemal Wade Hines and Moksha Sommer. HuDost performs as either a duo or along with a band of fellow eclectic musicians—for an unforgettable experience that will leave audiences spellbound.” 

—  Levitt Foundation 

They also teach workshops and lead retreats that aim to guide people back to their true and empowered selves through things like creative process, songwriting, breath and chant, painting, meditation and more. They regard sacred music as compassion-based activism and allow it to guide them and others on the path.