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In response to the state of the nation, we have created an urgent and timely song and music video 'Our Words Will Be Louder' speaking out against injustice and encouraging early voting!!

#OurWordsWillBeLouder is a strong cry for positive collective action to be taken in this vulnerable and polarized time. #VOTE! And #VoteEarly! The song and music video will benefit The Poor People's Campaign (www.poorpeoplescampaign.org) and was written with #DanHaseltine (from #JarsOfClay) and Acoustic Guitarist of the Year, #ChristieLenée. It addresses how inadequate we can feel until we give our voices to a larger purpose. The video has several cameo performances from artists and activists including Jars Of Clay, Kevin Hearn (Barenaked Ladies), Kevin Clash (Elmo), Cy Curnin (The Fixx), Alana Bridgewater, Gangstagrass, Jai Uttal, Hymn For Her, The Accidentals, and more.

You can purchase an exclusive 4 track single (with all proceeds going to the #PoorPeoplesCampaign), access on Spotify, and learn more here:



Written by Moksha Sommer & Jemal Wade Hines, Dan Haseltine, and Christie Lenée
Produced by Matthew Odmark & HuDost
Engineered & Mixed by Matthew Odmark at Gray Matters, Nashville
Mastered by Bernie Becker
Video by Sam Boyette
Additional protest footage by Kelly Lacy at www.makebeautiful.co

Musicians: Moksha Sommer- Vocals, Jemal Wade Hines- Guitars, Vocals
Christie Lenée - Guitars, Vocals, Charlie Lowell- Keys, Organ
Matthew Nelson- Bass, Bryan Brock- Drums & Percussion
Dan Haseltine- Vocals, Alana Bridgewater- Vocals, Nawal Mlanao- Vocals

Huge Gratitude to Cameo Performers & the 'Chant Choir'!:
Mt Zion Baptist Church Choir (Bowling Green, KY), Kevin Hearn (#BarenakedLadies), #KevinClash (Elmo/Sesame Street), #CyCurnin (#TheFIXX), #Gangstagrass, #TheAccidentals, #JaiUttal, JP Durand & Liza Carbe from #Incendio, #HymnForHer, #Ragani, #Kaita Bliffert, Visvambhar Sheth, John de Kadt, Robert Oakes, Kate Smith, Justin Green, Linda Worster, #DivineAF, Donnette Thayer, Carla & Cohen Scott, Suud Olat, Missy Graehler, Wanda Rodgers-Nevins, Allauddin Ottinger, CJ Martin, Bill Valliere, Pam Fetterman & Chloe, Molly Stone, Jabriel Malik Hasan, Jessica Siewert, Jo-Jo Jackson, Amanda Bishop, Anna Sommer & Quinn, Elizabeth Graham and the girls.

Huge Gratitude to Support Organizations:
The Woody Guthrie Center, The Poor People’s Campaign, The U2 Conference, Marquee Backstage, Catamount Arts, The Abode of the Message 


OUR WORDS WILL BE LOUDER (lyrics by Moksha Sommer)

This is the color of the day 
I’m tired of seeing from a sheltered place 
Who am I to speak? 
I’ve never known your song, so I’ll turn the other cheek 
The world, is aflame 
the makers and the martyrs  burn to grey 
Your words, are ablaze 
Signs being struck by bullets 
Raised to say     ‘I cannot breathe’ 

These are the words I can say 
Use my voice if you wish, but I’ve never known my place 
Hands up, do not shoot. 
No justice, no peace,   No luxury, no loot. 
The world, is aflame 
the victims and the bullies burn to grey 
My words, are ablaze 
Signs being struck by bullets raised to say 
‘I cannot breathe’  

This is the color of the day 
Raise it up like a flag whose honor we will weigh 
Our words, are ablaze 
Signs being shot by cameras work to say 

Our words, our words will be louder 
Above and beyond the armor 
Our words, our words will have power 
Above and beyond the armor 
Our words, our words will ring louder than their guns 

I’m gonna breathe    

Yes, we will breathe    

We’re gonna breathe  

(Our words, our words will be louder, Above the armor) 

We’re gonna breathe   

(Our words, our words will be louder, Above the armor)